Growth and Development

ICOMAA Worldwide has witnessed remarkable achievements as follows… Equipment and materials worth millions of naira have been donated by individuals, classes and groups. They are as follows:

·                  The MBBS Class of 1978 contributed the following:

-          Cybercafe room for ABH in 2002

-          CCTV for the Operating Theatre in 2002

-          The walkway from Paul Hendrickse Lecture Theatre to B.O. Osuntokun Auditorium (former College Auditorium) in 2013

·         The North American Branch of ICOMAA made a cash donation of $1000 to support the developmental project of the College during the tenure of Emeritus Prof. Akinkugbe as President. They also donated $3,000 as support for the 15th Alumni Day Celebration in 2014 during Prof. Wuraola Shokunbi led administration.

·         The MBBS Class of 1979 has contributed as follows:

-          A block of Hostel at ABH to celebrate their 30th Anniversary in 2009 (so as to ease students’ accommodation problems).

·         Former Vice Chancellor, Prof I. F. Adewole provided sport facilities, general repair and the beautification of ABH environment in 2013

·         Class of 1987 donated Modern Design Chinco 5HP Chillers Air Conditioners

·         The MBBS Class of 1985 recently painted the ABH building and erected a fence around the hall, with a beautiful gate at the entrance.

·         Class of 1986 donated a Modern Borehole to the ABH Premises

·         Class of 1987 donated a 64-Seater Bus to the College of Medicine in 2015

·         Class of 1984 donated 20KVA Inverter to E. Latunde Odeku Medical Library

·         Class of 1988 renovated the Pre-Clinical Lecture Theatre

·         Class of 1989 also donated Clinical Skill Mannequin

·         Class of 1990 renovated the Famewo Common Room

·         MBBS/BDS Class of 1995 donated Electrical Power Back-up Inverter to the Faculty of Dentistry in 2016.

·         They donated a bus to UCH Hospice and Palliative Care.

·         They also commissioned the Water Project and renovated the Television Room in Alexander Brown Hall.

·         Class of 1976 recently donated the sum of fifteen million naira (N15,000,000) in January 2017to the College of Medicine for the execution of some vital projects.

IMSG Contributions

Ibadan Medical Specialist Group (IMSG) is a registered charitable organization (UK Charities Commission Number 1090030), established in 1995 by a group of UK-based medical graduates of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

The Ibadan Medical Specialist Group (IMSG) UK gives an annual symposium (on current health issues) to the College and University Community, with medical students as the main target audience. IMSG’s objectives centers on the promotion of medical education and research in Ibadan. Its activities reflect these objectives, and over the years the following contributions have been made:


  • Computers for E Latunde Odeku Medical Library (1995)
  • Theatre clothing and shoe covers for medical students (1996 to 2010)
  • Heavy-duty photocopier for E Latunde Odeku Medical Library (1997), through UK fund-raising
  • Journal subscriptions for E. Latunde Odeku Medical Library (from 1998)
  • Fax machine for E. Latunde Odeku Medical Library
  • Overhead projectors for various departments in the College of Medicine (from 2000)
  • Travelling Fellowship for Resident doctors (from 2001)
  • Annual IMSG Symposium during the College Annual Alumni Week including distribution of textbooks to students (from 2001)
  • Audiovisual package of laptop + overhead projector for various faculties (from 2003)
  • College Prize for medical students
  • Support for the IT Department in the form of staff training and sponsorship (from 2009)
  • Ibadan Medical Specialists Group (IMSG) is a registered charitable organization (UK Charities Commission number 1090030), established in 1995 by a group of UK-based medical specialist during their Annual Alumni Week (from 2001)

Since 2005, IMSG has undertaken four (4) fund-raising dinners in the UK on behalf of the College. Each of these events raised an average of £10,000. This has been used for the following projects:

  • 2005: Projection Microscope package for Pathology Lecture Theatre, 4th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building (Installed 2006)
  • 2007: Wireless network (Internet Access) system for the College of Medicine
  • 2009: Projection Microscope package for the Physiology Lecture Theatre in the Pre-clinical School of the College of Medicine
  • 2011: Heavy duty photocopier presented to the College on 31 October 2011.
  • A Modern Pre-Clinical Library building was donated in 2015 for Pre- Clinical students at the University of Ibadan, located behind the Physiology Department.

The launch of ICOMAA Worldwide Website in June 2016 and also the creation of WhatsApp groups for classes to aid effective communication among alumni were implemented immediately after the assumption of office of the current ICOMAA Executive for 2016-2020 administration. The President of the Association Worldwide, Dr. Abib Olamitoye has taken it upon himself to communicate daily with all the groups that have been created.

As part of the development, the creation of more ICOMAA Chapters became very paramount and the President and his team of have been committed in its actualization. ICOMAA Great Britain Branch of the association (ICOMAA UK) was formed on September 16, 2016 while ICOMAA Canada was also inaugurated on 24 January, 2017. The process is aimed at strengthening ICOMAA North America and the Ibadan Medical Specialist Group (IMSG) that were already in existence in the diaspora. It is geared towards the generation of more membership and contact drive all over the world. The formation of more home-based chapters such as ICOMAA Oyo State, ICOMAA Ogun State etc is also in progress.




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