Membership of the Association shall be open to


i.                    Past students of the University College Ibadan/University of Ibadan registered for any undergraduate or postgraduate course in the Faculty of Medicine/College of Medicine and who by virtue of that registration actually matriculated and successfully completed their program in the University.


ii.                  All those who passed through residency training programme (or any other training programme of not less than duration of two years after their first university degree) at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.


iii.                Any member of the Staff of the College or Hospital with a University Degree who has spent a minimum of ten years in the service of the College of Medicine or the University College Hospital.


iv.               Honorary Membership: may be bestowed on men or women of distinction who do not qualify under the above two categories and who have contributed to the progress of the College of Medicine and or the University College Hospital.     


Honorary members can participate in all activities of the Association except that they shall have no voting rights in any of the meetings.

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